Seamegro Probiotic EN


Contains a microbial inoculum of plant-growth promoting bacteria. Promotes plant, disease suppression and resistance. Stimulates phytohormones.

  • Prevents foliar & root diseases
  • Reduces internodal spacing
  • Increases nitrogen fixation

Organically Certified

Irish Organic Association

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SEAMEGRO Probiotic is made from hand harvested seaweed which contains naturally balanced vitamins and minerals to protect against diseases, pests and enhances the biodiversity of the soil. This root dip gel will increase root mass and aid the plant in absorbing water, nutrients and improve growth in seeds and bare root trees and plants.

Triple Bottom Line
• Fewer Applications Required
• Lower Cost per Acre
• Removes Chemical Fertilizers
• Sequester CO2
Safer Seeds, Soil & Plants
• No Added Chemicals
• No Odor
• No Leeching
• Non toxic to animals, plants and humans & water systems.
Directions For Use
• Dilute 1:50 in water
• Spray at a rate of 1000L/2.5 acres.
• Apply one treatment to plugs at early stage of growth
• Apply as a spray, dip, or drench.
• Avoid foliage when applying