Seamegro Protection EN

With Laminaria extract and chitin, a dual purpose formulation promoting growth, disease suppression and plant resistance. .

  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Enhances soil microbial activity
  • Increases brix levels

Organically Certified

Irish Organic Association

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SEAMEGRO PROTECTION contains both seaweed and crab shell extract (chitin). In addition to the direct effects on plant nutrition and plant growth stimulation, this natural product is toxic to plant pests and pathogens, induces plant defenses and stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial microbes.

Triple Bottom Line
• Fewer Applications Required
• Lower Cost per Acre
• Removes Chemical Fertilizers
• Sequester CO2
Safer Seeds, Soil & Plants
• No Added Chemicals
• No Odor
• No Leeching
• Non toxic to animals, plants and humans & water systems.
Directions For Use
• Dilute 1:200 in water
• Spray at a rate of 1000L/2.5 acres.
• Suitable for foliar spray and root drench applications
• Apply at every second watering.
• Avoid foliage when applying